I offer face to face consultations at my clinic near Clapham Junction station or via Skype.


Free Intro phonecall

15' mins - FREE


I offer a free, introductory call to all prospective clients to discuss your requirements and check that we’re well suited to working together. If you decide to proceed, we will schedule your initial consultation. You will receive an email with a health questionnaire and you will also be asked to keep a food diary to be sent prior to our meeting.


Full Initial consultation

up to 75’ mins - £75 face to face

up to 75 mins - £70 Skype call


This is a detailed health assessment during which I will analyse your case and together we will discuss your physical health, emotional wellbeing, current and past diet and set future goals. I will then produce a tailored nutritional and lifestyle plan that fits around you along with recipe ideas, supplements and/or testing recommendations, if necessary.

Follow up session

45' mins - £60 face to face

45' mins - £55 Skype call


After 4-6 weeks to the initial consultation, a follow up is recommended in order to check your progress and discuss the challenges you've faced and your achievements. At this stage, any necessary amendments wwill be made to your nutritional and lifestyle plan. The number of follow-ups will be determined by your response to the plan.

Nutritional assessment

45' mins - £50


This is a lighter consultation for those without specific health conditions, looking at how their current nutrition could be optimised. It consists of a diet review and recommendations provided during the consultation. You will be required to keep a 7-day food diary to be sent out before our scheduled meeting. 

Food Shopping Guide

60' mins - £50


I offer advice on how to shop healthier, smarter and within your budget by shopping with you at your preferred supermarket. I will help you learn to read labels and how to pick the cleanest products.



After a brief consultation prior to the massage, I will ask you to pick your preferred essential oil to blend with a carrier oil for a soothing aromatherapy experience. I believe in the importance of a holistic body massage (head to toes) to reach maximum relaxation, however I can, under request, focus or avoid any area you wish to.

Depending on the stress level or muscle tension, I may suggest some stretching exercises and magnesium baths that you may want to experiment at home for an optimal and long-lasting effect.



60' mins - £60

75' mins - £70

90' mins - £80


Swedish massage will calm your nervous system and promote a sense of relaxation and wellbeing, reducing anxiety and tension in the body.

Deep Tissue

60' mins - £60

75' mins - £70

90' mins - £80


Deep tissue is a variation to the Swedish massage and focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. This massage is particularly effective for people with muscular pain and for who enjoys a firmer touch.